Vynamic™ Demand

Extend Your Reach Into the Pre-Purchase Phase
of the Consumer Journey.


In an era hallmarked by hyper-adoption and hyper-abandonment, how do you inspire deeper, ongoing engagement
with your consumers? Vynamic Demand enables you to close the marketing loop from advertisement to purchase, and
attribute sales directly to marketing efforts. Connect with consumers across all digital touchpoints through a unique combination
of audio triggers, geo-fencing and Bluetooth beacons to deliver targeted content directly to consumers’ mobile devices.

  • Increase Footfall to your Store

    Vynamic Demand enables marketers to connect with consumers during the entire journey – at home, in-store and on-the-go. By using a unique combination of audio triggers, geo-fencing, and Bluetooth beacons, you can deliver targeted content directly to a consumer’s mobile device. Vynamic Demand can transfer offers and content from a TV or video instantly to consumers’ mobile devices, enabling them to immediately purchase products seen on TV online or pick-up in store later. In addition, it can send special offers to the mobile phones of consumers who are identified via geo-fencing in the vicinity of a store, so that they can be directed to the store in a targeted manner. 

  • Convert Consumers Faster

    To boost conversion, you can engage with consumers using your in-store audio system. Via inaudible audio triggers, you can send your shoppers targeted, store-specific offers they can instantly redeem. Part of the Vynamic Retail Suite, Vynamic Demand also allows you to apply dynamic pricing, making it very easy to move aging inventory or respond to competitors’ promotions quickly. And thanks to A/B testing, you can measure in real time what offers work best, so you can fine-tune your campaigns on the fly and optimize conversion rates.

  • Close the Marketing Loop

    With Vynamic Demand, you can directly attribute revenues to specific touchpoints and campaigns. This offers tremendous value to your marketing teams, enabling them for the first time ever to track and measure the effectiveness of their advertisement and promotion campaigns from end to end. Vynamic Demand is a turnkey solution that does not require additional hardware or software. Everything is managed from a central cloud-based dashboard that enables you to set up, analyze and adjust campaigns with the click of a button. Just determine which touchpoints and triggers you want to use to interact with consumers’ journeys, and which offers you want to associate with each trigger. That’s all you need to start generating extra demand!

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