Service Station

Innovate and Connect Your Service Station Business


Consumers. Technologies. Retail Channels.

Today’s empowered and demanding shoppers possess a strong sense of entitlement. These social shoppers are well informed and knowledgeable
and expect Petroleum & Convenience retailers to keep up with technology trends, provide them with timely and relevant product information,
promotions and services, across a broad range of channels and media. 

Innovate. Connect. Engage. 


Seamlessly connect the consumer journey across multiple physical and digital interfaces and synchronize your service station network with NAMOS.
Our modular and innovative E2E ecosystem increases operating efficiencies and improves profitability, all while optimizing channels to engage
consumers, delivering a best-in-class user-experience with mission-critical availability.



Facts. Experience. Proof.


Working in close collaboration with our global and regional Petroleum & Convenience customers, we are able to offer a unique ecosystem based on
proven technologies and services, setting new standards for unified retail platforms and innovative applications and services. You can rely on us.    



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