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A key element of success in the modern retail era is the ability to manage change—anticipating market demands, quickly harmonizing diverse IT landscapes, reducing industry complexities, increasing customer value, and enhancing your brand image while simultaneously making your costs more efficient. Total Implementation Services, powered by Diebold Nixdorf AllConnect Services℠, offers reliable, scalable implementation solutions including new store concepts and IT solutions, based on globally standardized processes and tools, a single point of contact (SPOC) approach, and local capabilities.

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Basic deployment

Basic Installation Solutions focus on the installation of new systems, hardware and software upgrades and removal of existing systems. Whether you want to implement, update or remove your hardware, Basic Installation Solutions offer seamless IT integration and support, leveraging efficient processes and minimizing business interruptions. Our experts coordinate operations with you, relying on your unique strategy and requirements. Basic Installation Services can be provided as ad-hoc services or included in a roll-out. Our services will follow your processes and requirements in the most flexible way.

Customized Deployment

Diebold Nixdorf provides ready-to-use rollout solutions of any multivendor IT retail environment, devices and software. Our integrated project management office manages large-scale deployments of heterogeneous manufacturer IT-systems, components and software, all in a flexible manner that adapts to your processes, with respect to your deadlines with relevant planning. Customized Deployment Solutions is an end-to-end approach providing support from the initial design through the final disposal of your old systems and IT equipment. We ensure a seamless integration process, no matter the complexity, with change and risk management focused on required deadlines and minimal business interruptions. After the deployment, a smooth handover to maintenance services and customized training to your staff may be provided when necessary.

Store design and construction

Store Design & Construction develops an innovative concept tailored specifically to your needs. Your retail environment will yield a higher brand attractiveness to reach consumers on an emotional level. The whole modernization process will be fast paced and cost-optimized. Supported by our experts, Store Design & Construction includes drafting innovative store designs, and can go all the way to complete implementation, including the architectural elements, furniture if required and IT solutions implementation. We take on all the planning services and coordinate the implementation with the necessary partners. Additionally, Store Design & Construction coordinates the implementation of security solutions.

Pavilion solutions

Pavilion Solutions provides 'ready-to use' installation of IT-equipped pavilions for retail networks. Pavilions are provided as turnkey solutions that include architectural design, implementation of the required IT infrastructure, construction work and the coordination of all involved parties. Pavilions can be deployed either as standardized or as customized solutions.


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