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March 07, 2017  |  WOLFGANG KUENKLER

These days every organization is searching for a leaner and more efficient way to operate. Retailers are no different. They are walking a tight rope trying to balance cost pressures and increased competition with shifting consumer expectations and demands. I could continue listing the myriad of challenges that face retailers today, but instead I’d like to share a solution. If you’re a retailer reading this, nodding your head yes, there is a better way.

In November of last year, we partnered with RIS to survey senior executives from national or large regional retailers to better understand their perspectives on IT outsourcing in the retail environment.

The results of the survey show that retailers are increasingly interested in outsourcing the management of their store IT networks. According to the custom research report, there are four major reasons for this growing interest:

Increasing IT productivity


Growth of in-store technology


Leaning out IT staff


Stretching IT budget


Here are some additional highlights from the report:

  • Retailers responded that outsourcing can help in the following top four functional areas:

  - Help Desk (68%)

  - Wireless Networks (52%)

  - Payment Processing (48%)

  - Mobile Device Management (45%)

  • 32% of respondents have already implemented IT outsourcing for their stores and 52% are interested in deploying outsourcing in the future.
  • 32% of respondents said that IT services for stores unlocks value and 23% said IT services for stores is the wave of the future.


Meet Store-as-a-Service

The majority of retailers focus an extraordinary amount of time and resources managing their store IT environments. And it’s no wonder—a store’s IT system is critical to a retailer’s success. Managing a store IT network, and all of its intricacies, is no small feat especially with increasing maintenance and support costs. To help retailers, we’ve introduced Store Lifecycle Management as a store-as-a-service model, which outsources the management of store IT systems to a trusted partner.

We offer a broad range of services to deliver an end-to-end store-as-a-service solution. It targets the full lifecycle of store IT operations equipment and supports the preparation of new market entries, store openings and closings, as well as refreshing a store’s software and hardware. We can help with the staging of IT solutions, the deployment and implementation into stores, the availability of IT systems, maintenance and operational services. We provide high level services to Tesco, Ikea, s.Oliver, Shell, Total and BP on an international basis.

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