IHL Whitepaper:

Beyond the “Retail Apocalypse” to a Bright Future

Warnings of the Retail Apocalypse led IHL to introduce this annual study two years ago. What they found then, and what they’ve found in their latest report, is that the story is much more complex—and more positive—than the headlines would have us believe. Retail is experiencing a transformation, that much is clear. In this comprehensive whitepaper, IHL explores the full story behind this changing industry, exploring every segment within the retail vertical. 


Key findings from the report: 


81% of all retail sales are still projected to come from brick-and-mortar stores by the year 2021.



Retail sales are up $190.6 billion through the first seven months of 2018. 




55% of U.S. households are Amazon Prime subscribers.




… So what’s a retailer to do? Learn what your retail organization must do to succeed in the age of Amazon and mobile enablement, and get IHL’s #1 tip for ensuring your consumers don’t jump ship to online shopping.


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