Business Drivers


Globally, the financial and retail industries are incredibly diverse, with regional challenges that look very different
from country to country. Yet at a micro level, consumers want the same thing: convenient, secure, seamless experiences.
To meet these expectations retailers must work to build an open digital ecosystem to enable truly connected commerce.  


Today’s consumer journeys are complex—and retailers who successfully facilitate these modern journeys will rise to the top. Transformative initiatives must focus on optimizing the consumer experience; our Storevolution approach helps stores fundamentally change their strategic mindset to keep the consumer at the heart of everything they do. Learn More.


Consumers expect a personalized shopping experience, with services tailored to their wants and needs. With our Vynamic™ Engagement suite, you have all the tools you need to harness the right data at the right time, to deliver unique, unexpected moments of delight that will keep your consumers coming back for more. Learn More.


Unlike online retailers, existing brick and mortar stores need to integrate new technologies and touchpoints into an existing legacy IT landscape. Therefore, the most urgent task retailers need to address is adopting an open, connected commerce platform that facilitates the connection of new touchpoints to any legacy application. Learn More.


Retailers must focus their attention on mobility and the Internet of Things. The key is the secure management of these technologies so they don’t open retailers and their customers up to unnecessary risks. Mobile device management software and a secure cloud are central to effective store digitalization. Learn More.


In the highly competitive retail market, providing optimal consumer experiences is priority number one. Store Lifecycle Management provides you with tailored IT services on standard building blocks to ensure the end-to-end (E2E) management of your business processes. Learn More.

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