Vynamic™ Connection Points

Your ATM Network Holds the Key.

In spite of the proliferation of new payment and transaction methods, the ATM is still the No. 1 access 
point for cash. It’s a known, trusted financial touchpoint – and it’s got massive untapped potential. Self-service 
software can be a linchpin in your branch transformation strategy, if you use it to unlock and implement real 
omnichannel connections.   


Two Powerful Solutions, Endless Options

Your organization’s needs don’t look like anyone else’s. That’s why our terminal application software gives you the flexibility
to choose the path that best fits your strategic priorities. Harness the power of world-leading software, global infrastructure
and open architecture to drive more seamless integrations and faster new-product delivery. 


ProFlex4:  An open software platform that enables you to integrate touchpoints across your self-service network. With ProFlex4 as your single software interface, you’ll discover new ways to maximize efficiencies in maintenance and replenishment, and power a more consistent, interactive consumer experience across a multi-vendor fleet. 



  • An intuitive development toolbox that empowers you to introduce new services and functionality faster and more easily. 
  • Abstracted UI interfaces enable you to create innovative, individual user interfaces for self-service systems from different manufacturers, based on the latest browser technologies.
  • Application platform offers a multitude of self-service functions, including standard withdrawal, intelligent deposit, cash recycling and much more.
  • Independent from your IT infrastructure, so you can introduce new services more quickly to ensure a seamless omnichannel consumer experience.


VISTA: A flexible self-service software platform that can transform into a robust enterprise banking solution, VISTA is designed to maximize your ability to deploy one advanced software interface across your entire multi-vendor self-service network. 



  • Advanced services and new transaction capabilities can help you boost self-service revenue generation and assist with transaction migration.
  • A single intelligent application with the ability to understand consumer context and support business rules and messaging.
  • An open-architecture platform that brings unparalleled performance and consumer focus to your self-service channel through ease of integration and future-proofed orchestration.
  • Pre-packaged applications that feature the most commonly used consumer and settlement transactions. 
  • Functionality can be deployed “as is,” with the option to add on additional functionality at a later date as your needs change.
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