How Industry Leaders Maximize
Customer Engagement and
Strategic ROI.

Self-Service and Cash Automation: 
The Critical Pillar of Winning Digital Strategies


Cash still plays a very relevant role in most consumers' day-to-day lives. What has changed is the journey: Today’s consumers expect to weave seamlessly between physical and digital channels, and they expect financial institutions (FIs) to keep up. Modern self-service can be a strategic asset: you’re sitting on an established network of digitally enabled physical touchpoints.


In this comprehensive guide, we’re unpacking the opportunities inherent in the self-service channel. Inside you’ll discover …

  • How (and why) to rethink your self-service strategy
  • New ways to optimize your self-service ecosystem
  • Which technology innovations are most critical for FIs on the road to connected commerce


In addition, you get a global perspective of recycling and cash-optimization strategies from FIs in Czech Republic, Brazil, Germany, Nordics, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States, who share their thoughts and steps that lead to successful operational efficiency initiatives within their organizations.



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