Successfully transform your branch in today’s digital era

The branch model remains essential to today’s digitally connected consumers. They appreciate the value of personalized service and continue to rely on the branch for much more than transactional services. Despite advanced technology automation and digitalization the branch plays a connector key role, providing the human interface and financial expertise consumers crave in our digitally driven, fast-paced world. We can help ensure your branches are optimally positioned for the future of connected commerce.

of global bank executives

"believe that by 2020, retail banking will be at least 80% automated with branches acting as information and engagement hubs. "

Branch Solutions

Rightsizing the Branch Network: Define Your Branch Strategy

As physical and digital channels converge and become one seamless ecosystem, it’s critically important that banks view branch transformation through the lens of a holistic strategy.

Rather than focus strictly on modernizing the lobby or migrating transactions to the ATM, strategic branch transformation can give financial institutions a deeper understanding of their consumers’ needs and pain points, and enable them to implement changes that may incorporate more than one channel—and thus involve more than one department inside the bank.

Branches—100% digital?

We live in an era that is hallmarked by smartphone use and Internet access. Today’s consumers want options, and they want them now, not tomorrow or next week. In Brazil, Banpará recognized that in order to stay ahead of the curve, they needed to act aggressively to position themselves as a modern financial partner to their consumers and followed their vision of a 100% digital bank.

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