DN Series™ Self-Service ATM Solutions

Built to connect. Built for more.™

DN Series provides the ability to grow with a financial institution’s strategy and deliver the most integrated functionality in the smallest, most secure footprint.

more personalized

More Personalized

Engaging, consistent, research-based design coupled with powerful Vynamic Marketing™ enables you to personally connect with consumers at the intersection of physical and digital channels.

more integrated

More Integrated

A common solutions platform supported by innovative software, smarter services and connected hardware ensures more seamless integration into your organization’s channel ecosystem.

more available

More Available

DN AllConnect℠ Data Engine, an intelligent data-driven service architecture, maximizes the availability of the globally proven Cross-Platform Media Engines and modules that are always connected and communicating

more efficient

More Efficient

DN Series offers the industry's most functionality within the smallest footprint. Gain greater efficiency through a recycling-based platform paired with Cash Cycle Optimization Software.

more future

More Future-Ready

Accommodate consumer demands or changing business needs easier and quicker than ever before with DN Series' ability to convert from high-touch to high-tech. There’s less consumer interruption than any competing system through its scalable design, consistent software, and common components.

more secure

More Secure

Satisfy your customer's risk-based security needs through a foundational level of security with the ability to layer added protections and better protect against physical, data and cyber threats. Gain peace of mind from unmatched end-to-end security solutions.

The very effective collaboration was carried out in recent months between the ATM experts of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale and Diebold Nixdorf allowing the successful start of our first pilot unit on March 27, 2019 for this new range of self-service systems. A great success confirmed by the high level of availability of the ATM and the quality of the services offered.
We’re very committed to the innovation. Rising competition and consumers’ evolution are just a few of the challenges we’re focused on and that we’re managing on a daily basis. Diebold Nixdorf’s commitment to solving for these headwinds with the DN Series makes them a trusted advisor and partner to help us move the needle for our continued transformation and global impact.

On-Demand Webinar: The Self-Service Equation

Balance the needs of your consumers, small- and medium-business clients, and staff.

Tune is as we explore the role of self-service through the lens of the various “actors” in this equation and discuss how automation can benefit each group—when it’s implemented correctly. Learn how to prepare your branch environment for the way these segments operate today: with the right mix of technology, support and education, you’ll be ahead of the competition and prepared to offer unsurpassed consumer experiences.



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