Vynamic™ Security

Providing 360° Security, 365 Days a Year

Your consumers’ privacy is paramount. Lost data and information breaches result in much more than financial loss — it’s the loss of consumer trust that can hurt the most. Engage with a partner that has the multi-layered approach necessary to protect your ATM fleets from physical, logical and fraud attacks.

Intrusion Protection

Cybercrime is a very real and serious problem, as hacking, viruses and more insidious technologies continue to emerge.
In fact, some of the latest, most effective incidents are data attacks and logical attacks. These attacks are a growing threat to
unattended self-service terminals, even if they are less visible than physical security breaches.


Access Protection

Access Protection delivers software governance and locks down ATM
operating systems from misuse of data based on industry best
practices including NIST, PCI and SANS.


Hard Disk Encryption

Hard Disk Encryption secures sensitive consumer and application
data and adheres to PCI security standards.

Fraud Detection

Through a strategic alliance with ThetaRay, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) fintech, we’re harnessing the power of
machine learning and big data analytics to thwart unknown threats, enhance our risk detection capabilities, strengthen
our end-to-end security portfolio and combat financial crime around the globe.


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