Self-Service Fleet Management

Foster Positive Consumer Experiences While Reducing Costs

DN AllConnect Self-Service Fleet Management Services shifts the burden of implementing and managing your fleet to a trusted partner, removing redundancies and making end-to-end management of your systems and software more efficient and profitable.



"Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your self-service fleet by 20% or more through the improved efficiencies gained with DN AllConnect Self-Service Fleet Management Services."

Source: Diebold Nixdorf Proprietary Calculations

Discover the ways DN AllConnect Self-Service Fleet Management Services Can empower your organization

Monitoring & Event Management

Monitoring and Event Management provides automated supervision of your self-service fleet around the clock. Diebold Nixdorf’s event-driven process automation delivers world-leading technical support you can rely on to decrease operational costs, boost availability and provide increased operational transparency. Your organization profits from integrated solutions free from system interruptions, as well as a high degree of automation and multivendor support so you can concentrate on your core business.

Fleet Support

Consolidating self-service fleet management to a single point of contact improves availability and optimizes the use of on-site resources. Our global, centralized knowledge database and native-speaking, specialized support staff ensure fast, appropriate responses to every challenge.

Software Lifecycle Management

Meet compliance requirements and minimize the risk of business disruption: Introduce a software release plan aligned with your business requirements to drive shorter innovation cycles and faster time-to-market. Software Lifecycle Management offers an integrated approach to managing the complete software stack, from design-driven development to active maintenance throughout the lifecycle. Benefit from patch management, software packaging and operational readiness testing, rollout scheduling, piloting, remote deployment, requirements management, release planning and more.

Cash-Related Services

Finding the optimal balance between cash availability and the cost of cash is not easy. With the right mix of specialized tools, well-defined business processes and skilled experts, Diebold Nixdorf’s Cash Related Services tackles this challenge for you. The tailored service drives efficiency and reduces operational risks simultaneously. Are you ready to unlock hidden savings potential of your cash-supply chain? See how your business can benefit by shifting your cash-related activities to specialists, allowing you to focus on the most important thing for your business: your consumers.

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services includes: Fleet Support, Software Lifecycle Management and Monitoring & Event Management plus Security & Compliance, a multi-layered, holistic approach to network security, detecting physical and logical attacks in real time and maintaining compliance to the most current industry standards.

Self-Service Marketing

Wherever your organization is at on the marketing automation journey, we can help take you the next step. Properly maximizing the marketing potential of your ATM network increases the value of the entire self-service channel, and enables more and deeper connections to consumers while they’re in a banking mindset. Self-Service Marketing offers tools that are compatible with existing CRM systems and enable customer segmentation, personalized campaigns, interactive sales campaigns and detailed campaign statistics, all managed by Diebold Nixdorf.



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