Restricted Substances

At DIEBOLD NIXDORF we bear responsibility for ensuring that our products are compatible with environmental needs. One major aspect of this responsibility is to reduce the volume of critical substances in our products. Numerous statutory provisions such as REACH and RoHS underline our responsibilities.

Based on legal stipulations and our own requirements, we have compiled lists of restricted substances that form an integral part of our arrangements with our respective suppliers. All suppliers must observe and comply fully with these substances lists.

In fact, we accept greater responsibility for its products than is actually required by law. It obliges its suppliers to avoid the use of substances listed as hazardous by the REACH Regulation, not simply to declare them – as provided for by Article 33 of the REACH Regulation.

Restricted Substances Lists:

REACH Candidate List
The EU's REACH directive (EU Directive 1907/2006 including its updates) obliges product manufacturers to inform their customers about particularly hazardous substances "substances of very high concern" (Candidate List) used in the manufacture of their products. This requirement applies as soon as a product contains one of these substances in a concentration above 0,1 % weight by weight (w/w).

We will avoid using substances that appear on the Candidate List in any of its products worldwide. We impose an obligation on our suppliers all over the world to avoid using substances on the candidate list in a concentration above 0,1 % weight by weight (w/w) in any of the materials they supply to us. Exceptions to this obligation may be granted in a few special cases, e.g. on technical grounds.

Prohibited Substances List
The list of prohibited substances contains a range of substances / substance groups whose use or circulation in our products and related resources is prohibited or restricted by current legislation, in particular at EU level. We imposes an obligation on its suppliers all over the world to avoid using substances named in the prohibited substances list, or not to use them in a higher concentration than that stated, in the products they supply. In the case of legally admissible exceptions to substance prohibitions, the substances must be declared by type and the volume in which they occur in specific products, and the information supplied voluntarily to DIEBOLD NIXDORF.

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